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I am working on a small script. I am almost done, there is just little modifications need to done. See the Demo here. What i want to do is, only one box should say "Hello friends", but if you click 2-3 boxes immediately it shows "hello friends" in more than one boxes.


    // Slide down previous theater 
        top: '+=0',
    }, 200, function() {
        top: '+=270',
    }, 200, function() {

    // slide up new theater
        top: '-=0',
    }, 200, function() {
        top: '-=270',
    }, 200, function() {

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clearQueue, stop, queue, ... – nbrooks Mar 30 '13 at 17:38

If you are trying to protect against fast clicks that happen during an animation, then you probably need to use .stop(true, true) to stop any existing animations before you start your next animation. This guarantees that it is in a consistent state before you start the next animation.

Once I add the .stop(true, true) to each of your animations here:, then quick clicks can no longer confuse it.

Also, an animation of top: '+=0' or top: '-=0' does nothing. You're telling jQuery to get the current value of top and add 0 to it which has no visible result.

Perhaps you mean to take out the += and just use top: 0 or you don't need that animation at all?

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What a nice explanation. It looks great. I just learned animation method so i was not still clear with its features. – Mar 30 '13 at 18:01

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