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I'm writing a small library. I'd like to build it as shared library and generate "MyLibraryConfig.cmake" file which then can be used by my other projects to find my library.

The only problem I have is to figure out the name/path to file which is used for linking under Windows - there are two files being generated: mylibrary.dll and mylibrary.dll.a.

So I'd like to generate MyLibraryConfig.cmake file with something like:

"set(MYLIBRARY_LIBRARIES /blah/blah/mylibrary.dll.a)"

so then MYLIBRARY_LIBRARIES can be used with target_link_libraries for my other projects.

How gen I get name for this linkable file? I'd be nice if the solution was platform independed (returning .so wile on Linux and .dll.a on Windows)

thanks in advance

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If you're planning on making your library available to your other projects without installing it then you want the CMake command export. For example:

export(TARGETS MyLib FILE ${CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR}/MyLibraryConfig.cmake)

This creates the file MyLibraryConfig.cmake in the same directory as your top-level CMakeLists.txt, and can just be included in other CMake projects.

If you're planning on installing your library, then you want to make use of install(EXPORT ...) instead:

install(TARGETS MyLib EXPORT MyLibraryConfig
            ARCHIVE DESTINATION lib/static)
install(EXPORT MyLibraryConfig DESTINATION cmake)

This will install the file MyLibraryConfig.cmake to <install path>/cmake, and can then be included by other projects.

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thank you for your answer. It looks interesting and useful, however I look for solution with installing ;) –  Michał Walenciak Mar 30 '13 at 20:23
Typical! :-) I've added further details on how to handle the install case. –  Fraser Mar 30 '13 at 21:11

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