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I have LuaForWindows installed and simple script file containing


works fine under SciTE or from cmd. However when I trying to execute script containing only this line under my program using lua51.dll I have error name conflict for module 'xml'. Folder with script contains lua/LuaXml.lua and clibs/LuaXML_lib.dll. When I renaming this folders program stops seeing this files and I have errors like module 'LuaXML_lib' not found or module 'LuaXml' not found so lua51.dll actually looking for files and able to find. And there is no other instances of this files visible.


returns ;.\?.lua;D:\Projects\Lua\FdbTool\bin\lua\?.lua;D:\Projects\Lua\FdbTool\bin\lua\?\init.lua;D:\Projects\Lua\FdbTool\bin\?.lua;D:\Projects\Lua\FdbTool\bin\?\init.lua;C:\Program Files\Lua\5.1\lua\?.luac where D:\Projects\Lua\FdbTool\bin is folder of executable and lua51.dll.

How to solve this issue? And, if possible, what actually this error means (can't understand from Lua docs)?

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Oops, it was xml function built-in with my program

lua_register(FL, PAnsiChar('xml'), funcaddr)

so xml already was in global table.

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