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I'm looking for a widget which can be dynamically resized. I need to append and remove rows. There are a methods coming with Grid, like gtk_grid_insert_row or gtk_grid_insert_next_to, but I don't find any xxx_remove_xxx method.

I'm developing a simple http client (to test an api). And I'm adding the possibility to append and remove "GET" variables dynamically.

The UI is made with rows containing a combobox (for variable selection), an entry (for its value) and on the last row a remove button.

Every time I set a variable, a new line (new available variable) is appended. And every time I unset a variable, the corresponding line is removed.

enter image description here


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Gtk.Grid doesn't have a remove method; but Gtk.Container does. Since Grid is a Container, you can use gtk_container_remove.

The docs for this are here:

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thx for the answer, but gtk_container_remove removes a GtkWidget, and it is an entire grid row I need to remove. Every time I add a new line, I have to call insert_row to be sure there is enough row in the grid. And I'm not sure that if a row is empty it will be deleted. – luc.chante Apr 3 '13 at 7:58
In this case, maybe it's better to write a "row widget" and pack multiple of those into a HBox? This way you can remove/add using just one pointer. – Ancurio Apr 5 '13 at 9:06

I think the widget you are looking for is Gtk.ListBox. It's a container so you can add and remove rows easily.

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I made a widget extending a Gtk.Box (representing the line) into a vertical Gtk.Box, it works. Gtk.ListBox seems great but I'm using gtk3.8 (3.9 needed for ListBox), in a future update. thx. – luc.chante Aug 22 '13 at 14:39

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