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Is there a way to stylize map with google map api2 for android? All I need is to make background gray and roads white and turn off some markers like bus stops.

I know it is posible with google javaScript maps api v3. It works like this:

   var pinkParksStyles = [
 featureType: "all",
 stylers: [
  { saturation: -80 }
 featureType: "poi.park",
 stylers: [
  { hue: "#ff0023" },
  { saturation: 40 }

map.setOptions({styles: pinkParksStyles});


But I can not find something like this for android.

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Styled maps are not currently supported for the Google Maps Android API

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too bad. Is it 100% information? May be some not direct way? –  user2227791 May 23 '13 at 5:55

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