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my question is how to hide those nasty results of your last input given to an input field. I made a picture of that and you can see how the marked result "e" hides the second input field. I dont want this to appear as I made my own livesearch and these result-set hides my live-results.

Edit for a clear question by Xenolithic: He doesn't want text boxes to show previous things entered into it after submitted. IE: If you enter elephant and submit, if you come back to it and enter e, elephant will show up in the dropdown.

Greetings and Thx



Oh I found it out myself. You have to set the attribute "autocomplete" to "off" :)

<input type="text" autocomplete="off" />

Thx and greetings

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You can use autocomplete="off" for input.

<input name="email" type="text" autocomplete="off" />
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this is can be achieved using jquery

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