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Am learning debugging using Netbeans (PHP) with xDebug. I have set Breakpoint(s) in a php file am using but it seems anytime i start the debugging (clicking the start debug button) the system switches to the "index.php" file in the parent folder. The file am using is in a child folder of the folder containing the "index.php" file. How come the debugging goes to the "index.php" file?

What am i doing wrong? Am very new in using IDE debugging so help me out. I always use print statements to debug my code but i have decided to use professional debugging. Am just new in this area so help me know what is going on.


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Two things to look at:

  1. Tools->Options, PHP Section->Debugging Tab - Uncheck 'Stop at First Line'

  2. File->Project Properties - Run Configuration - Advanced - You can set the entry URL for the debugger. The default is to begin with the index page, but you can set it to ask for a url when the debugger is invoked.

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