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I am new to working with mongodb & mongoid.. This is a rails app that was on mongoid 2 at some pont and have since moved to mongoid 3

I am trying to run the migrations, one of which has the following

Assessment.collection.update({'result_access' => {'$exist' => false}}, {'$set' =>   {'result_access' => 'all'}}, {:multi => true})

I am unsure how to update this for mongoid 3

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First you have to find your selector, let rephrase you code


Assessment.collection.update({'result_access' => {'$exist' => false}}, {'$set' => {'result_access' => 'all'}}, {:multi => true})


Assessment.collection.find('result_access' => {'$exist' => false}).update({'$set' => {'result_access' => 'all'}, {:multi => true})


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