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I want create a custom element and use the short name for add the element into Form, using the new ServiceManager tecnique for ZF2 V.2.1+

I am try to copy the same sample of the zend documentation step to step but it not works.

When I use the service writting the short name, it raises a exception because service not found:

    Zend\ServiceManager\ServiceManager::get was unable to fetch or create an instance for Test

I think I have all classes identically, see follows

This is my custom element:

    namespace SecureDraw\Form\Element;
    use Zend\Form\Element\Text;
    class ProvaElement extends Text {
    protected $hola;
        public function hola(){
            return 'hola';

This is my Module.php I have my invokable service be able to use short name:

    class Module implements FormElementProviderInterface {
        //Rest of class
        public function getFormElementConfig() {
            return array(
                'invokables' => array(
                    'Test' => 'SecureDraw\Form\Element\ProvaElement'

In my form I use for add the element, the commented line works ok, but with short name not works:

        'name' => 'prova',
        //'type' => 'SecureDraw\Form\Element\ProvaElement',
        'type' => 'Test',    //Fail

In my action:

    $formManager = $this->serviceLocator->get('FormElementManager');
    $form    = $formManager->get('SecureDraw\Form\UserForm');
    $prova = $form->get('prova');
    echo $prova->hola();
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Have you specified the use SecureDraw\Form\Element\ or some thing like that , in the top , if not please specify the use of name space which may avoid this problem , the error clearly says that its not able to find the class which you are trying to instantiate –  aravind.udayashankara Mar 31 '13 at 17:15

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The problem is that the elements created via FormElementManager have to be created into init method instead __Construct method how it can see in this page.

The zend documentation is badly explained

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Workaround: In your own module, create the following two files:

  1. FormElementManagerConfig with the invokables short names of your custom form elements;
  2. Subclass Form\Factory and override getFormElementManager and pass the config to the FormElementManager constructor;

You then use your own Factory to create your Form, like this (you can pass a very rudimentary, e.g. empty array, or a more or less full-fledged $spec to $factory->createForm()):

$factory = new Factory();
$spec    = array();
$form    = $factory->createForm($spec);


class FormElementManagerConfig implements ConfigInterface
    protected $invokables = array(
        'anything'          => 'MyModule\Form\Element\Anything',

    public function configureServiceManager(ServiceManager $serviceManager)
        foreach ($this->invokables as $name => $service) {
            $serviceManager->setInvokableClass($name, $service);


class Factory extends \Zend\Form\Factory
    public function getFormElementManager()
        if ($this->formElementManager === null) {
            $this->setFormElementManager(new FormElementManager(new FormElementManagerConfig()));
        return $this->formElementManager;
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Is this still necessary? All the documentation make it sound like a form_elements factory/invokable should make custom elements available out-of-the-box, but I saw your contribution to ZF Contributors and it looks like nothing has changed. –  claytond Feb 20 at 21:14

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