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I have a range of values as [12,540 108 201,120 17] in an array.

I am going to convert these values in a range of [0 1] in MATLAB.

Is there any function in MATLAB?

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division is not available in your version of MATLAB? I.e., dividing by the maximum element, or the maximum expected element? –  user85109 Mar 30 '13 at 21:58

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Check mapminmax function from Neural Network Toolbox.

With this function you can map you data into [YMIN YMAX] interval:

[Y,PS] = mapminmax(X,YMIN,YMAX)

It returns mapping parameters allowing you to use the same mapping with the new data:

Y = mapminmax('apply',X,PS)

or to revert the mapping to get your data back to the original space:

X = mapminmax('reverse',Y,PS)

But if you don't need to apply the same mapping twice or to revert it, then it's easier just to divide your data by the maximum value:

Y = (X - min(X)) / (max(X) - min(X))
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This is perfect. –  BlueBit Mar 31 '13 at 0:06

Assuming all values are positive (as in your example) and the relationship between the variables in the original array and the [0 1] array is linear:

 x = [12,540 108 201,120 17];
 y = x/max(x);
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