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Need an example on how can i validade my form (only fields and file names) by post and then if valid post all form including files... plus! i need to track the file upload progress!

I got some ways to do all this thigs, but not togther.

here is how i can validade form fields and file name:

<script type="text/javascript" src="//"></script>
        <script src=""></script> 

var params = {};    
    .find("input[checked],input[type='file'], input[type='text'], input[type='hidden'], input[type='password'], input[type='submit'], option[selected], textarea")
    .each(function() {
       params[ || || || ] = this.value;
$.post("validadeForm.php?call=ajax", params, function(xml){
  strError = $(xml).find('error').text();
  if (strError.length == 0){
    alert('Fiels and file names ok!' );

here is how i can upload all form including files and track upload progress:

//Holds the id from set interval
            var interval_id = 0;
            function stopProgress(){
                //jquery form options
                var options = { 
                    success:       stopProgress, //Once the upload completes stop polling the server
                    error:         stopProgress
                //Add the submit handler to the form
                    //check there is at least one file
                    if($('#file1').val() == '' && $('#file2').val() == ''){
                    //Poll the server for progress
                    interval_id = setInterval(function() {
                        $.getJSON('progress.php', function(data){
                            //if there is some progress then update the status
                                $('#progress').val(data.bytes_processed / data.content_length);
                                $('#progress-txt').html('Uploading '+ Math.round((data.bytes_processed / data.content_length)*100) + '%');
                            //When there is no data the upload is complete
                    }, 200);

How can i put this two things togther? I need to validade form sending only text (fields and file name) throught post and if ok post the all form incluind files.

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you want to validate file names..? O.o – vsync Mar 30 '13 at 22:00
Please list specific questions/problems you are having, what you have tried to solve them, and any errors you might see along the way. This question seems more like a request for others to simply write your code for you. All you've done here it seems is dumped a bunch of code into a question. – Ray Nicholus Mar 30 '13 at 22:03
seems fairly straightforward... only trigger submit from validation ajax success callback...and make sure you validate again on server...don't trust your ajax validation process. Is easy to send different data than what you validated, or bypass that validation completely – charlietfl Mar 30 '13 at 22:41

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