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Say I have user input these variables: ID name age

And I'm using a while loop to get user input like below


cin >> ID >> name >> age;

do_stuff(ID, name, age);


but if at some moment the user only input some of those variables, say only ID and name, the while loop should end immediately without running do_stuff(). How should I do this, the method needs to be fast. Thank you!

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You use getline and then check whether all you want is in that line. –  us2012 Mar 31 '13 at 0:15
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#include <iostream>
#include <string>
int main() {
        int ID, age;
        std::string name;
                if (std::cin >> ID && std::cin >> name && std::cin >> age) {
                        std::cout << ID << name << age << std::endl;

        return 0;
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You can achieve this by using stringstream and getline, something like the following:

  #include <sstream>
  #include <string>

  int age = -1; //assume you init age  as -1 and age is integer type
  stringstream ss;
  while (getline(cin,line))
     age = -1;
     ss << line;
     ss >> ID >> name >>age;

    if (age ==-1)  //if no age is parsed from input line, break the while loop
       cout << "no age is contained in input line" <<endl;
    do_stuff(ID,name, age)

This should work, but there may exist better solution.

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Age won't be -1 after the first entry is read; try setting it to -1 inside the loop before ss.clear() –  Scott Hunter Mar 31 '13 at 0:31
@ScottHunter thanks. you are right. I updated the post. –  taocp Mar 31 '13 at 0:33
@SongWang, what is the benefit of using stringstream over using cin directly? –  perreal Mar 31 '13 at 0:36
@perreal just my personal perference, the reason is that it can be used anywhere a normal stream can be used. –  taocp Mar 31 '13 at 0:39
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