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When I run "getEquivalentClass()" and my equivalentClass is remote (EX: raise error:

Cannot convert node to OntClass: it does not have rdf:type owl:Class or equivalent

My code is:

OntModel m = ModelFactory.createOntologyModel();"http://localhost/ontology/my_ontology.owl#Film");
    Resource r = m.getResource(outputs.get(i).getParamType().getURI().toString());
    OntClass filmClass = (OntClass) OntClass.class );
    for (Iterator j = filmClass.listEquivalentClasses(); j.hasNext(); ) {

Film Ontology (my_ontology.owl#Film):

<owl:Class rdf:about="#Film">
<rdfs:subClassOf rdf:resource="#Media"/>
<owl:minCardinality rdf:datatype="">1</owl:minCardinality>
<owl:onProperty rdf:resource="#Title"/>
<owl:equivalentClass rdf:resource=""/>

It's is possible? I lost many hours finding this solution.

Thanks for help me!

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Answer of Dave Reynolds of Jena users list:

It's not to do with whether the resource is remote but whether the local model knows that the resource really is a class.

The easiest solution is to just set:


An alternative is to enable inference so the inference can deduce from the fact that it is the object of an owl:equivalentClass assertion that must be a class. But inference is overkill here.

BTW that's the wrong URI, the dbpedia resource URI for film is actually:
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