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I am trying to allow users to drag a page from a PDF pages tab into a C# listbox control. The only information I need from acrobat is the file name of the document they are dragging from and the page number/numbers they have dragged over. I tried finding out this information from the debugger(add a break point at my dragenter event handler then look at the dragEventArgs). From that I see a Forms.DataObject but that seems to have no public properties.

My questions:

Does the DataObject hold the PDF file name and the selected pages that are being draged over?

Is this information accessible?

If it is not accessible this way is there a work around?

Thanks for any help you can share.


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Posted this question on the adobe site and they say that this functionality is not supported by their documentation. Guess I'm out of luck.

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The information in the DataObject totally depends on the source of the dragdrop operation. WHat app/ control is the source of the dragdrop? Does it put the information you are looking for when the dragdrop starts?

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Adobe Acrobat is the source of the DataObject. I believe the information is in there I just need to use the proper IDataFormat class to get the information from e.Data.GetData(DataFormats.THISISWHATINEED,false) –  Lumpy Oct 15 '09 at 14:25

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