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I'm setting up a small script to merge PDFs in a folder that has a cover letter, resume, and references. I'm wondering if there's a Python method that can look at the path string and detect if it ends in a /, and if not I can add the / to it. For example-

dircheck = raw_input("Directory with cover, resume, and references:")
if dircheck (has no slash at end):
    homedir = dircheck + os.sep
    dircheck = homedir
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You don't normally need to add os.sep; use os.path.join() when constructing paths and separators will be added as needed. –  Martijn Pieters Mar 31 '13 at 1:27

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if not dircheck.endswith(os.sep):
    homedir = dircheck + os.sep
    dircheck = homedir


Alternatively, os.path.join an empty path to it:

os.path.join(dircheck, "")

# Unix

In [31]: os.path.join("asd/", "")
Out[31]: 'asd/'

In [32]: os.path.join("asd", "")
Out[32]: 'asd/'

# Windows

>>> os.path.join("asdasd/", "")
>>> os.path.join("asdasd\\", "")
>>> os.path.join("asdasd", "")
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