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I tried to build MySQL driver for Qt5 (5.0.1) under ubuntu 12.10 x64 but I failed although I did all mentioned steps in Qt wiki doc!!!

error message:

mbnoimi-pc mysql # qmake “INCLUDEPATH+=/usr/local/include” “LIBS+=-L/usr/local/lib -lmysqlclient_r” mysql.pro WARNING: /opt/Qt5.0.1/5.0.1/Src/qtbase/src/plugins/sqldrivers/qsqldriverbase.pri:4: Unable to find file for inclusion qt_plugin Project MESSAGE: Warning: unknown QT: sql-private

Because I think this is matter of invalid paths I tried the following but I failed again :(

qmake “INCLUDEPATH+=/usr/include/mysql” “LIBS+=-L/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu -lmysqlclient_r” mysql.pro

Do you've any idea how can I fix this issue?


I’ve installed libmysqlclient-dev, libmysql++-dev packages

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I'm not sure what if I've to publish this post in askubuntu or here :) –  mbnoimi Mar 31 '13 at 2:54

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