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I have a loop that needs to sleep before continuing to the next iteration, so I multiply the seconds * 60 to get the number of minutes. Instead of doing something like "sleep 10 * 60" for ten minutes, I want to make it a little prettier. I'm trying to do this: "sleep 10.minutes". I don't want to do this: "sleep minutes(10)"

I'm trying to override Fixnum to add a method called 'minutes', but I can't grab the '15' from '15.minutes'. Here's the code I'm using:

class Fixnum
  def minutes
    15 # need to find out the value entered here

The code above works, but I have to return the value I want inside of Fixnum.minutes - how do I find out what number was entered before .minutes?

I don't want to pass an argument because it looks different.

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Such time based extensions to Numerics are provided by ActiveSupport. Perhaps you should just use that instead of rolling your own? – dbenhur Mar 31 '13 at 3:42
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I think you want something like this:

class Fixnum
  def minutes
    self * 60

Then 15.minutes would return 15 * 60.

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So here self points to 15, which is the Fixnum object you invoke #minutes with. – Jokester Mar 31 '13 at 3:14
Oh my. That should have been obvious but I couldn't think of the answer!! Thanks - it works perfectly. – dingalingchickenwiing Mar 31 '13 at 3:15

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