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I use Weka classes in Jython, the problem is how can define the classifier of Adaboost.

I use :

import weka.classifiers.meta.AdaBoostM1 as AdaBoost

But I do not know how can adjust its classifier for example set J48.

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Almost every classifier in weka can be used from command line. This command line usage is provided to java users with option handler interface. See Use WEKA in your Java code.

Option handling
Weka schemes that implement the weka.core.OptionHandler interface, 
such as classifiers, clusterers, and filters, offer the following methods 
for setting and retrieving options:

According to this , you will use following java code:

import weka.classifiers.meta.AdaBoostM1;

AdaBoostM1 classifier = new AdaBoostM1();
Instances data = readArffFile();
String optionString = " -P 100 -S 1 -I 10 -W weka.classifiers.trees.DecisionStump";

I am afraid, you need to change this java code to jython. I do not think , it will be hard.

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Thanks Atila, I convert it to Jython:

Train_Function = AdaBoostM1() file_train = FileReader(trainfile)

data_train = Instances(file_train)

data_train.setClassIndex(data_train.numAttributes() - 1)

optionString = "-P 100 -S 1 -I 10 -W weka.classifiers.trees.J48"

Train_Function.setOptions(weka.core.Utils.splitOptions("-P 100 -S 1 -I 10 -W weka.classifiers.trees.J48") Train_Function.buildClassifier(data_train)

But still does not work: Train_Function.buildClassifier(data_train)
^ SyntaxError: no viable alternative at input 'Train_Function'

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This jython code worked for me in 3.7.10

algo = AdaBoostM1()
option_string = " -P 100 -S 1 -I " + str(num) + " -W weka.classifiers.trees.J48"
options = splitOptions(option_string)

You can also do it like this:

algo = AdaBoostM1()
options = [];
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