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I'm looking for some example source code I can download and import which can save multiple records to one NFC tag.

Has anyone seen such an example?

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(I need to store two sets of data to one NFC tag - for example: login, password) –  John A. Pindergrass Mar 31 '13 at 4:56

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What you are describing is a common scenario. You could do this using the built-in Android NdefMessage and NdefRecord classes, however I've written a lib which simplifies things: NDEF Tools for Android.

Might I suggest the following approach, using the External Type record?

AndroidApplicationRecord aar = new AndroidApplicationRecord();

Message message = new Message(); //  org.ndeftools.Message
message.add(new GenericExternalTypeRecord("org.my.app", "username", myUsernameBytes);
message.add(new GenericExternalTypeRecord("org.my.app", "password", myPasswordBytes);

NdefMessage toWrite = highLevel.getNdefMessage();

Alternatively you could create a byte format for both username+password and then use a single External Type Record. For the later Android versions, you could actually do the above using the built-in helper methods (but then you'd have to do the parsing manually).

See these example classes for the actual reading/writing to a tag.

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