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I am trying to define a macro with a string value in the .pro file of a QT project like so:

DEFINES += DRIVESDB=\\\"C:\\users\\grant\\desktop\\log.db\\\"

In my source files, I would like DRIVESDB to equal C:\\users\\grant\\desktop\\log.db, however QT spits out errors claiming \u, \g, \d, and \l are invalid escape characters. Clearly I am doing something wrong escaping the backslash. Is it possible to create a string with backslashes in a macro definition? Thanks.

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You can always try slapping more backslashes on it... – nneonneo Mar 31 '13 at 7:59

Use the forward slash to separate path. Both Qt and Windows understand it.

BTW, Q T - is QuickTime, and Q t - is a library ))

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