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I just created a new Starter site on webmatrix using ASP.net, with the built in template.

I am wondering where the site stores all the password information? I understand WebSecurity is a built-in model, but I want to know where all these object information are being stored. The only columns in the user database table are "email" and "id".

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Don't you have tables named 'webpages_...'? I think webpages_Membership is the one you are looking for.

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No, i don't actually. Which is what I was confused about, because it does seem to save it somewhere, I can log in fine, and the site prompts default error messages. I went through the design document for the Starter Site template, but couldn't find anything. – naddnan Mar 31 '13 at 6:50
That's really weird. According to this they just should be there. I must be missing something here... – cesarse Mar 31 '13 at 7:55

@cesarse is correct about the table webPages_Membership. Take a look in your web.config file and look for the connection string, which will let you know which database your data is being saved in.

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