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I have following knockout definition:

FunctionVm = function (initialData) {

var self = this;

self.Dto = {
    Name: ko.observable(initialData.Dto.Name)

The Html is simple:

<input data-bind="value:Dto.Name" id="Dto_Name" type="text"></input>

And I called knockout like this:

    var initialData = ...
var functionVm = new FunctionVm(initialData);

Now, if the initialData = {"Dto":{"Name":"Home's"}}; it is OK.

However if

   initialData = {"Dto":{"Name":"<script>alert(1)</script>"}};

the knockout does not display anything at all.

Can you help me please?

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That's because the </script> ending tag ends the script tag that contains the code, so you get a syntax error because of the unterminated string literal.

Break up the tag into two strings:

initialData = {"Dto":{"Name":"<script>alert(1)</scr"+"ipt>"}};
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I am using C# to generate the client side. How can I split the string? Eg: using Newtonsoft.Json to serialize it to json. –  user2103886 Mar 31 '13 at 14:56
@user2103886: Split it after serialising, e.g.: str = str.Replace("</script>", "</scr\"+\"ipt>");. –  Guffa Mar 31 '13 at 15:59

Can you validate the data by escaping the HTML before inserting it into "Name"? PHP and jQuery both have functions for this task. Don't trust user input :)

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