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I am currently using google app engine as my mobile application back end. I have a few tasks that can not be performed in the gae environment (mainly image recognition using opencv). My intention is to retain gae and use AWS to perform these specific tasks.

Is there a simple way to pass specific tasks from gae to AWS? E.g. A task queue?

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You could either push tasks from GAE towards AWS, or have your AWS instances pull tasks from GAE.

If you push tasks from GAE towards AWS, you could use URLFetch to push your data towards your AWS instances.

If you prefer to have your AWS instances pull tasks from GAE, you could have your GAE instances put their tasks in the GAE Pull Queue, and then have your AWS instances use the Task Queue REST API to lease tasks from the queue.

In either case, the AWS instance could report back the processing result through a simple POST request to your GAE servlets, or through inserting tasks via the abovementioned REST API which would later be leased by your GAE instances. The latter could be useful if you want to control the rate of which your GAE app process the results.

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Have you considered using amazon simple queue service ? http://aws.amazon.com/sqs/

You should be able to add items to the queue from gae using a standard http clint.

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Sure. AppEngine has a Task Queue, where you can put in your tasks by simply implementing DeferredTask. In that task you can make requests to AWS.

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Disclaimer: I'm a lead developer on the AppScale project.

One way that you could go is with AppScale - it's an open source implementation of the App Engine APIs that runs over Amazon EC2 (as well as other clouds). Since it's open source, you could alter the AppServer that we ship with it to enable OpenCV to be used. This would require you to run your App Engine app in AWS, but you could get creative and have a copy of your app running with Google, and have it send Task Queue requests to the version of your app running in AWS only when you need to use the OpenCV libraries.

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