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I write some easy parser for my page and have some problem with it.

HTML text:

<p>some text</p><p>another text</p>

If I try use something like:


I have a result without <p>, and this is very very bad. (only </p> exist)

Maybe I can split this string to array, but don't remove </p>?

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Just like Ivan said, you should use (?=<p>). Just wanted to add that you can use

var $Paragraphs = array_filter(preg_split("/(?=<p>)/", "<p>some text</p><p>another text</p>"));

Which will be:

[1] => <p>some text</p>
[2] => <p>another text</p>
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You can use this construct (?=<p>) which is positive lookahead zero-width assertion. This pattern will not consume the text it matches. It just will find the position before <p> string. Here is example:

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thank you very much! this solve all my problem ;) –  rbdev Oct 15 '09 at 14:41

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