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I want to display particular column of my table in android activity text view. My table name is Class. There are two columns 1) Class Name and 2) NoStudent. I have tried this:

select * from Class where column +ClassName+;

& lot other formats but doesn't working. Give proper query format & reference link from where I can get other correct format. Thank you..!!

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Try to avoid using SELECT * FROM because it means you no-longer have a predictable resultset. If your schema changes and you're using ordinal column referencing in your data-readers then they'll break.

Anyway, like so:

SELECT "className", "noStudent" FROM "Class" WHERE "className" = 'Databases 101'

Note my use of " (double quote) to escape column and table names, which is SQLite's syntax for escaping. Do not confuse it with the ' (single quote) used to delimit strings.

If you add more terms to your query it will get long on one line. SQL ignores linebreaks and I prefer to format queries like so:

    "className", "noStudent"
    "className" = 'Databases 101'
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Use this

SELECT classname, nostudent FROM Class WHERE classname = 'myclass'

Check out the w3schools site for SQL syntax.

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