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Did you hear something about any corporate investments or enlargement of OCaml community? (not F# please)

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The number of developers contributing to the OCaml code base at XenSource grew to 18 (Nov 2008). XenSource was subsequently sold to Citrix for $500,000,000.

The number of full-time OCaml developers at Jane St grew beyond 30 (Jan 2009).

Cilk Arts sold their Cilk++ tool chain, which is partly written in OCaml, to Intel (Aug 2009).

Intel, Jane St, Citrix, CEA, OCamlCore, SimCorp and MLState paid to join the CAML Consortium in the past 3 years alone (now 11 members in total).

Coherent Graphics shipped their first product, written in OCaml.

The world's largest people search engine, Wink, was launched (and it is written almost entirely in OCaml).

MLState released their first product, Opa, which is written entirely in OCaml (Nov 2009).

And, of course, Microsoft released the world's first mainstream functional programming language F# in April 2010 and it is a close relative of OCaml. That had the knock-on effect of boosting interest in OCaml considerably.

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The Caml Consortium has 10 members, each paying fees of 3000 EUR/year to INRIA for support and development of OCaml. Jane Street Capital is of course a member, and the OCaml summer of code they organize is in addition to their participation in the consortium.

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11 members. MLState just joined... –  Jon Harrop Jun 10 '10 at 18:50
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Jane Street Capital has OCaml Summer of Code every year. Other then that, I really don't recall. You should check the archives of the OCaml mailing list, there would definitly be announcements there of anything like you've mentioned.

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Does Jane Street Capital count?

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