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I need to use an existing WPF docking library. There are several libraries: AvalonDock .NetBar SanDock ActiPro Infragistics

does anyone has any experiance with one of those libraries? Can you recommend one of them?

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I've used Actipro and it is very good. It's also under active development and improvement

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Sofa is built on top of AvalonDock and provides interesting features. It can be used with both MEF and Prism and IMHO (as I am a developer of the team) can help a lot for Composite Applications

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According to this article, AvalonDock is being used in SharpDevelop 4, so the SharpDevelop guys obviously think it's good!

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But AvalonDock has not been updated since June 2010 and is a bit buggy, so I, for one, am looking for an alternative. –  Pat Jan 7 '11 at 23:14

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