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I'm trying to use SQLite with Play Framework 2.1, but I need to use a relative path that is relative to the root of the Play application. How may I do that?

This is the related code in application.conf


Many thanks.

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Does db.default.url="jdbc:sqlite:I/want/relative/path/" work? –  Schleichardt Mar 31 '13 at 18:33

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If you want to create databse in the root of Play application, you should do following:


I think if you want to use make database in folder such as <PlayAppRootDirectory>/database/db_name.db, you should provide the full absolute path in configuration value.

As the alternative, you may define environment variable of your Play application root directory and use its value on application.conf.

Play!Framework 2.x using HOCON format (Human-Optimized Config Object Notation) as the syntax for configuration file.

If you want to use Play!Framework root folder as the path of your database, you should do following:

# The following line use HOCON format
db { default.url : "jdbc:sqlite:"${PLAY_APPS_ROOT}"/database/db_name.db" }

The configuration value above use HOCON syntax. Note that ${PLAY_APPS_ROOT} is environment variable for Play!Framework application root folder. The database path actually the absolute path because you must define database path in full absolute path. You may read following resources for your reference:

  1. Typesafe config
  2. Play Documentation - Configuration
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