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I m working with strings in java script, for e.g if i have the below string:

str = "miniprofile-container"

i want the ID number "8573" from this type of strings. They are of different length but have the same struct as the above. So kindly help me in achieving it.

I may use the strcpy function, but it will not be a generic approach

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var str = "miniprofile-container";
var pattern = /[0-9]+/g;
var matches = str.match(pattern); //8573


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You can also try this if you don't want/need to use regex:

var str = "miniprofile-container";
    var s1 = str.indexOf("vieweeID=")+"vieweeID=".length;
    var matches = str.substring(s1,str.indexOf("&context"))


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var vieweeID = str.split('vieweeID=')[1].split('&')[0];
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thanks...its efficient – saadsafdar Mar 31 '13 at 9:31


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