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I am trying to pass attributes to a jquery append function. It appends the html but does not append the attributes. There are no errors shown in the console either. Html Code :

    <li>First Item</li>
    <li>Second Item</li>

Javascript Code :

        $(this).append('<span></span>', {
            text: 'some text',
            class: 'someClass'

I want the HTML to look like

 <li>First Item <span class="someClass">some text</span></li>
 <li>Second Item Item <span class="someClass">some text</span></li>
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Why did you expect it to work at all? The documentation does not mention anything in this regard: api.jquery.com/append. –  Felix Kling Mar 31 '13 at 10:52

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.append() is a Method, not an element object
and class is a reserved word, use "class"

$('li').each(function() {

   var span = $('<span />', {
                 text : ' some text',
                 "class" : 'someClass'  



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Thanks! I had seen a tutorial by netttus in which he used to append the way i did. Can you please elaborate a little more? –  backTangent Mar 31 '13 at 11:00

You could do

$(this).append('<span class="someClass">some text</span>');
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The second parameter for append is (and I quote jQuery documentation) :

One or more additional DOM elements, arrays of elements, HTML strings, or jQuery objects to insert at the end of each element in the set of matched elements.

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Try this:

            text: 'some text',
            class: 'someClass'
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