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Does someone know where I could find sample source code that records video and saves it on the device? The code should not use intent.

I tried using this code: android recording a video, initializing the camera 2 that I saw in YouTube tutorial, but I can't get it to work.

I can't use intent because, I need to resize the videoview when the camera is recording.

I think I can't do this using intent, or am i wrong?

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Source that is using intent can be found in: http://developer.android.com/training/camera/videobasics.html

A good video explanation (but the code doesn't work): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZScE1aXS1Rs

Eventually i read this :


and use it to create camera app, the best way ...

important advice : when you pause the cam use :

if (isRecording) {
            // stop recording and release camera
            mMediaRecorder.stop();  // stop the recording
            releaseMediaRecorder(); // release the MediaRecorder object
            mCamera.lock();         // take camera access back from MediaRecorder

            // inform the user that recording has stopped

            isRecording = false;


        PuseAndRelease();  //add this befor finish to use in the camera

public void PuseAndRelease (){

releaseMediaRecorder();       // if you are using MediaRecorder, release it first
releaseCamera();  // release the camera immediately on pause event
Log.d(TAG,"camera onpause" + mCamera );

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You should be using a SurfaceView and utilizing the MediaRecorder. You can resize the video that way, manage where the video should be saved, etc.

An example can be found here: http://android-er.blogspot.nl/2011/04/simple-exercise-of-video-capture-using.html

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