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I am searching for a security framework that allows role based security for OSGi services as well as CXF webservices. Some time ago I already used spring security but as we now switched to blueprint it is not an option anymore as far as I understood. To configure the access rules I would like to mainly use the standard @RolesAllowed annotation. So what are my best starting points? I also thought about implementing this myself as a blueprint extension but I would prefer an existing solution.

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I would suggest you go with Apache Shiro instead, http://shiro.apache.org/ .

It provides easy API's for authentication, authorization, cryptography, and session management. It can also be easily deployed inside a OSGI container. Some pros of Apache Shiro are listed here Apache Shiro vs Java EE native APIs

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Shiro is on the list of frameworks I am investigating. Is there some documentation how to set it up for OSGi? Especially I am searching for some samples / hints on how to use it for plain OSGi services and for CXF services. The examples I found are always refering to java web (servlet) applications. So for example if I create an OSGi service how do I enable shiro on it and how do I make it honour the RolesAllowed annotations? Or if I call the OSGi service how do I authenticate. I guess there will be some thread local to hold my auth infos. –  Christian Schneider Apr 2 '13 at 14:32
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