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I've been some days looking for a way to catch "Hide softkey onscreen button" event.

The thing is I have an activity with windowSoftInputMode="adjustPan" because if not, when softKeyboard appears, layouts are rescaled and I need them to keep their original size. As I have a login form, I have catch several events, and I scroll parent layout manually.

But the problem is that It seems there is no way to catch hide softkey onscreen button event, and when this happens, I can't revert the scroll and things have more than enough bottom margin.

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

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If I understand your problem, you want to intercept the event of hiding the softKeyboard I assume when the user presses the Back key.

If so, you are able to intercept the press of Back Key before it is passed to the IME using public boolean onKeyPreIme (int keyCode, KeyEvent event). In that way you are able to execute code just before the hiding occurs.

Read here

Also read these answers I have found

Hope this helps!

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