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I'm new to Android and I'm having trouble running the example of jfeinstein10's SlidingMenu Library on Android. Since I have dependencies to the ActionBarSherlock project and the library itself, Eclipse does not know which R to use for the ids. I get the following error messages:

1)The method onOptionsItemSelected(MenuItem) of type ResponsiveUIActivity must override or implement a supertype method (although I imported the ABS classes)

2)R cannot be resolved to a variable (about 20 such messages)

3)The method getSupportActionBar() is undefined for the type BaseActivity

4)The method onOptionsItemSelected(MenuItem) in the type Activity is not applicable for the arguments (MenuItem)

I included both ABS and the SlidingMenu library to the Build path and imported both libraries at the Properties>Android section. Project Build target is Android 4.2.2, minSdkVersion = 8, targetSdkVersion=17.

Any ideas how to fix these issues?


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I fixed it. Just import the R file from the sliding menu package and go to the SlidingFragmentActivity in the SlidingMenu library and make it extend SherlockFragmentActivity

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