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I know I can display a Powerpoint presentation within my own form (see here), but I'm wondering whether there is a way to get rid of Microsoft Office as a requirement?

I guess basically what I'm asking for is a library which will display Powerpoint slide-shows without my users having to install MS Office on every machine. They do not need to CREATE slide-shows, just display them. Does such a library exist? I have searched all over the place and I'm always referred back to the MS Interop / ActiveX stuff.

Any help is appreciated!


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Try this: PowerPoint Viewer 2007. Also see this thread about embedding a Powerpoint Viewer 2007 instance on a VB.NET form

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I believe you can accomplish this with Aspose.Slides. It can open up an PPT file you have, then I think you could save each sheet to a image. Finally, you could show the images in your app.

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I use Aspose and will confirm that you can create images from it. We upload the images to a web server in plain HTML wrappers with next/prev links. Obviously this won't work with animated/interactive slides though, in which case I would suggest the viewer Rubens Farias links to (which I have also used). –  Godeke Oct 15 '09 at 15:23

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