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Is there a way to filter down which properties of each child I want to bring back inside of ref.on("value", ...)?

Let's say I have the structure on https://www.firebase.com/docs/data-structure.html, but in addition to name, each user also has a list of every line of chat he has produced. How can I bring back only the name?

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UPDATE: As of Firebase 2.0, you can now query based on fields.

There isn't currently a way to pick data out of a path (i.e. filter which fields you get back). The easiest solution here is to store the data in different paths. It greatly simplifies the process.


Another useful approach, particularly when you're going to be using a lot of subsets (e.g. friends list, members of a group, et al) is to use an index.



Then you can access the data with something like this:

var fb = new Firebase(INSTANCE);
fb.child('user_index').on('child_added', function(ss) {
   fb.child('users/'+ss.name()+'/name').once('value', function(nameSnapshot) {
      var userName = nameSnapshot.val();
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