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i have question about restrictions or conventions in Java. Is there any restriction concerning to maximal length of line code in java? Or can very long lines cause any problems?

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There is no relevant limit to Java line lengths, the compiler might have one, but it is probably in the range of several KBs. However, this is not very practical. I tend to keep my lines below 100 characters.

Older documentation might say 80, but I think that is no longer practical, because almost no one prints code anymore and usually screens show more than 80 columns at a time.

As for the conventions, yes, there are some. See the Java documentation for that. It also talks about the usual placement of linebreaks, braces etc.

Here is a link: Java Coding Conventions

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Having more than 80 columns per line interferes with having several files open, side-by-side, on the same screen… –  Donal Fellows Mar 31 '13 at 17:13
That is very much dependent on font size, screen resolution, soft-wrap and a number of other factors. Anyway, having very long lines is often a sign of bad coding style anyway. –  Daniel Schneller Apr 2 '13 at 9:51

See this for Java conventions by Oracle. In this they say a line should contain 80 Characters maximum.

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Not really, but it's a good habit if the line fits in screen. It helps debugging and analysing code, and auto-wrap doesn't make good-looking code in most cases.

Some schools learns to avoid writing more than 80 lines of code (to fit it in a console window), but it's not practical in use.

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Actually very long classes may cause to an internal memory heap overflow, then you have to increase your heap size , other than that no.

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