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I have public's key's modulus and exponent. Can I generate the public key with openssl api in php ? I've read the but there seems no function that archive that.

If openssl cannot do it(build public key with modulus and exponent), can i use any any option in php to do that?

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I am not a PHP expert. But this approach is not good. It is generally advisable to change the public key and private key after certain period of the time. Generally certificate has validity period. If you key's modulus and exponent, you have public key (this is what RSA public key means). If you need a certificate, you need private key to generate CSR. – doptimusprime Apr 1 '13 at 5:47

Using phpseclib, a pure PHP RSA implementation:


$rsa = new Crypt_RSA();

$rsa->loadKey( array ('e'=>new Math_BigInteger('65537'), 'n'=>new Math_BigInteger('11944573237954459805614520005393273287786384679965238498958830373752732874397055'.
'116690165578452542158755074958452695530623055205290232290667934914919')) );

echo $rsa;

The output is as follows:

-----END PUBLIC KEY-----
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