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I built a C++ library for making games in most known platforms and it works alright. However, I ran into a minor problem with the linker, which I can't live with myself without figuring the answer.

I have two separate classes in two separate files: KinesisWorld in KinesisWorld.h and ASEngine in ASEngine.h . Both of them have a similar behavior in terms of implementation, they encapsulate functionality provided by other libraries, KinesisWorld inherits and calls Box2D functions and ASEngine calls angelscript functions. So far so good.

Now, when I am building an application that uses my library, as long as I don't include or use KinesisWorld, the linker won't attempt to link the Box2D library. As soon as I simply include KinesisWorld.h somewhere in the final executable source, it immediately complains of undefined references until I add Box2D to the linker. This is the behavior I always known and observed with other libraries as well.

Though, with angelscript, without including ASEngine.h at all, it will always complain about undefined references to angelscript, even if the final executable doesn't make any reference to it whatsoever.

Any idea of what can cause such thing? I tested it on Linux 32 bit and Windows 32 bit, with GCC and Visual Studio respectively, same behavior.

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The library functions you are calling can have non-inline calls to functions from another library, in which case you must link both. – Dave Mar 31 '13 at 15:53
That is not the case if i understood your statement correctly. My executable code does not include or link any of the mentioned files. It calls nothing, but rather includes the "engine" as a static library. ASEngine and KinesisWorld are identical for example , as they both call a third party library function in their constructor.. – DevilWithin Mar 31 '13 at 15:57
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The linker doesn't care until the offending (declared but undefined) functions are called.

In this case, you aren't using any Box2D functions anywhere except in KinesisWorld but you ARE using angelscript somewhere in your library. Double check your ASEngine facade but in particular everywhere else (using the "find" feature across your entire project might help).

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Oh, so if any other .cpp file happens to call ASEngine functions, and that cpp is actually being called, it can cause the issue, I think i got it! :) – DevilWithin Mar 31 '13 at 16:02

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