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Is there any advanced opensource web audio player that looks like the one used on soundcloud.com, that I can use it on my webapp, with my own audio files hosted anywhere like amazon s3 or other host.

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As far as I know, SoundCloud uses SoundManager2 internally.

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but How can it play continuously ? is it also part of SoundManager –  Lewis Sep 12 '13 at 22:40
I assume you want some kind of play queue or playlist where each song plays one after the other. Check out this demo. Generally you'll need to setup an event handler inside soundManager.createSound() to handle the onfinish event. Inside that function you will want to play the next song. –  idbehold Sep 13 '13 at 16:48

There are many of them out there. Do you mind if they use flash?

This one is alright: http://activeden.net/item/dynamic-mp3-player-xml/full_screen_preview/4051

The "bubble" version of this one kind of resembles the soundcloud player as well: http://www.alsacreations.fr/dewplayer-en

And if you're on wordpress, one of my personal favorites is this one, though it's not quite like the soundcloud player. You've probably seen it before: http://wpaudioplayer.com/.

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