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(I looked everywhere for this, perhaps my googling skill is off today)

I have a program that requires a handful of initialization cmds from stdin (and not through arguments). It'd be nice to move those commands into a script so when the script completes I can start keying the real work. So something like:

cat initcmds.txt | myprogram.exe

the problem is that the program (child process) terminates after receiving EOF at the end of initcmds.txt. How do you do this? (Bash, Korn, cmd.exe, csh, all good)

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See here: stackoverflow.com/questions/1358444/… – It even shows up in the list of related questions on the right :-) –  Joey Oct 15 '09 at 15:41
wow. I knew I wasn't the first person with that issue. Must have been using the wrong search keywords. Thanks! –  MandoMando Oct 19 '09 at 14:18

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cat initcmds.txt - | myprogram.exe

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BTW, if myprogram.exe uses history commands, this seems to disable it. Not sure why. –  MandoMando Nov 24 '09 at 18:42

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