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I am using following code to get time difference.It is ok for most case.But When the start time is 12:00 PM and end time is 1:30 PM,it show 11.0 instead of 1:30 as a result. The start and end time come from mysql.

$startTime=new DateTime(date("h:i",strtotime($data['start_time'])));
$endTime=new DateTime(date("h:i",strtotime($data['end_time'])));

Help me,plz. Thanks.

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Do not use date('h:i') then, is eliminates the AM/PM distinction. you could use date('H:i'), but better yet, assuming you have a sane TIME or DATETIME column, just feed the raw $data['start_time'] into DateTime's constructor. – Wrikken Mar 31 '13 at 16:57
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Just need to change h:i to H:i:

$startTime=new DateTime(date("H:i",strtotime('12:00')));
$endTime=new DateTime(date("H:i",strtotime('13:30')));
echo $duration;

See it in action

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Hope this helps:

$differenceMinutes  = (strtotime($data['end_time']) - strtotime($data['start_time'])) / 60; // Get difference as minutes
$getHours           = floor($differenceMinutes / 60); // Get hours
$getMinutes         = floor($differenceMinutes % 60); // Get minutes
$duration           = $getHours . " h " . $getMinutes . " min";

print $duration; // Print it out!
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