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I am using Slick 1.0.0 with play framework 2.1.0. I am getting the following error when I query my Users table. The value of LOGIN_ID is null in DB. The query I am executing is:

    val user = { for { u <- Users if u.providerId === } yield u}.first

This results in the following error:

play.api.Application$$anon$1: Execution exception[[SlickException: Read NULL value for column (USERS /670412212).LOGIN_ID]]
    at play.api.Application$class.handleError(Application.scala:289) ~[play_2.10.jar:2.1.0]
    at play.api.DefaultApplication.handleError(Application.scala:383) [play_2.10.jar:2.1.0]
    at play.core.server.netty.PlayDefaultUpstreamHandler$$anonfun$12$$anonfun$apply$24.apply(PlayDefaultUpstreamHandler.scala:314) [play_2.10.jar:2.1.0]
    at play.core.server.netty.PlayDefaultUpstreamHandler$$anonfun$12$$anonfun$apply$24.apply(PlayDefaultUpstreamHandler.scala:312) [play_2.10.jar:2.1.0]
    at play.api.libs.concurrent.PlayPromise$$anonfun$extend1$1.apply(Promise.scala:113) [play_2.10.jar:2.1.0]
    at play.api.libs.concurrent.PlayPromise$$anonfun$extend1$1.apply(Promise.scala:113) [play_2.10.jar:2.1.0]
scala.slick.SlickException: Read NULL value for column (USERS /670412212).LOGIN_ID
    at scala.slick.lifted.Column$$anonfun$getResult$1.apply(ColumnBase.scala:29) ~[slick_2.10-1.0.0.jar:1.0.0]
    at scala.slick.lifted.TypeMapperDelegate$class.nextValueOrElse(TypeMapper.scala:158) ~[slick_2.10-1.0.0.jar:1.0.0]
    at scala.slick.driver.BasicTypeMapperDelegatesComponent$TypeMapperDelegates$StringTypeMapperDelegate.nextValueOrElse(BasicTypeMapperDelegatesComponent.scala:146) ~[slick_2.10-1.0.0.jar:1.0.0]
    at scala.slick.lifted.Column.getResult(ColumnBase.scala:28) ~[slick_2.10-1.0.0.jar:1.0.0]
    at scala.slick.lifted.Projection15.getResult(Projection.scala:627) ~[slick_2.10-1.0.0.jar:1.0.0]
    at scala.slick.lifted.Projection15.getResult(Projection.scala:604) ~[slick_2.10-1.0.0.jar:1.0.0]

My User table is defined as :

package models

import scala.slick.driver.MySQLDriver.simple._

case class User(userId:String,email:String,loginId:String,fullName:String,firstName:String,lastName:String,location:String,homeTown:String,providerId:String,provider:String,state:String,zip:String,accessKey:String,refreshKey:String,avatarUrl:String)

object Users extends Table[User]("USERS") {
  def userId = column[String]("USER_ID", O.PrimaryKey) // This is the primary key column
  def email =  column[String]("EMAIL",O.NotNull)
  def loginId = column[String]("LOGIN_ID",O.Nullable)
  def fullName = column[String]("FULL_NAME",O.NotNull)
  def firstName = column[String]("FIRST_NAME",O.Nullable)
  def lastName = column[String]("LAST_NAME",O.Nullable)
  def location = column[String]("LOCATION",O.Nullable)
  def homeTown = column[String]("HOME_TOWN",O.Nullable)
  def providerId = column[String]("PROVIDER_ID",O.Nullable)
  def provider = column[String]("PROVIDER",O.Nullable)
  def state = column[String]("STATE",O.Nullable)
  def zip = column[String]("ZIP",O.Nullable)
  def accessKey = column[String]("ACCESS_KEY",O.Nullable)
  def refreshKey = column[String]("REFRESH_KEY",O.Nullable)
  def avatarUrl = column[String]("AVATAR_URL",O.Nullable)

  // Every table needs a * projection with the same type as the table's type parameter
  def * = userId ~ email ~ loginId ~ fullName ~ firstName ~ lastName ~ location ~ homeTown ~ providerId ~ provider ~ state ~ zip ~ accessKey ~ refreshKey ~ avatarUrl <> (User,User.unapply _)

Please help. It looks like Slick can not handle Null values from DB?

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I think your accepted answer is wrong (at least limited) – iwein Feb 12 '15 at 13:02
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Your case class is not ok. If you use O.Nullable, all your properties have to be Option[String].

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Ahh got it. I modified the "loginId:Option[String]" and it is working fine. Do I have to encapsulate all nullable fields like this? Or we have some easy/other way to do it? – Abhishek Pande Apr 1 '13 at 7:31
No, all nullable fields have to be Option[T]. – Apr 1 '13 at 13:10
There is another way, see my answer – iwein Jun 24 '14 at 13:03

If you get this error, you'll have to either make the properties O.Nullable, or you have to specify that your query returns an option.

For example let's say you do a rightJoin you might not want to make the properties of the right record optional. In that case you can customize the way you yield your results using .?

val results = (for {
  (left, right) <- rightRecord.table rightJoin leftRecord.table on (_.xId ===
  } yield (,
results map (r => SomeJoinedRecord(Some(r._1), r._2.getOrElse(default)))
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