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I'm trying to learn AIML and can't understand where I've gone wrong:

        <pattern>I LIKE * ROME</pattern>
            I love talking about 
            <set name="topic">rome</set>
                <li>Did you know that slaves made up 40% of the population of Ancient Rome?</li>
                <li>Did you know the Colosseum could sit 250'000 people?</li>
    <topic name="rome">
            <pattern>No *</pattern>
            <that>Did you know that slaves made up 40% of the population of Ancient Rome?</that>
            <template>So I've taught you something!</template>

The first part works fine, if I enter something like: "I like the history of Rome", I get the expected default answer and one of the random answers.

But then if he gives me the "slave" random answer and I say "No I didn't know that", he doesn't give me the "So I've taught you something" answer". He's getting the answer from somewhere else in his code, but considering that I have set the "topic" and the < that > tag, I have been quite specific and would expect my custom answer.

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1 Answer

There is

<pattern>No _</pattern>

some where in your aiml files.

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