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What is the easiest way I could license a flash component? I would like to be able to sell it, and use some sort of license key or similar.

I don't nee demo functionality, but am interested in being able to track my component in terms of usage or install. I am also interested in being able to place a limitation on how many times it is used and or the time frame it will work for.

Can anyone tell me what sort of options I have?


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I've asked myself the same question, and I think the answer is that you simply can't ensure it.

First of all.. non of the big companies can do it, as you can witness the piracy going on.

Second, you're talking about flash.. I think that Flash programs are the easiest to hack and get their code out of... Sothink's SWF Decompiler will do the job easily.

  1. I suggest you DON'T upload an example of your full component as the demo - if you can see it -you can steal it. You can instead, upload a demo video of the component, which should be enough for the buyer.

  2. Don't bother yourself too much with piracy - put your copyright on the file.. if a lot of people will steal this already mean that a lot of people have also bought it because it's good :)

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