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I am trying to to imped inside jsp page custom portlet to allow comments on journal article displayed

to embed . The problem is it throws g.ClassNotFoundException: org.apache.jsp.view_jsp as following

An error occurred at line: 119 in the jsp file: /discussion.jsp
The method setClassName(String) in the type DiscussionTag is not applicable for the arguments (Class<capture#2-of ? extends JournalArticle>)
116:            id="journalCommentsPanel" persistState="<%= true %>"
117:            title='<%= LanguageUtil.get(pageContext, "Comments") %>'>
119:            <liferay-ui:discussion
120:            className="<%= journal.getClass() %>"
121:            classPK="31575"
122:            formAction="www.google.com"

15:57:13,540 ERROR [PortletRequestDispatcherImpl:108]

org.apache.jasper.JasperException: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException:
org.apache.jasper.JasperException: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException:   

This is my discussion.jsp page

WindowState windowState = null;
PortletMode portletMode = null;

PortletURL currentURLObj = null;

if (renderRequest != null) {
    windowState = renderRequest.getWindowState();
    portletMode = renderRequest.getPortletMode();
    currentURLObj = PortletURLUtil.getCurrent(renderRequest,
} else if (resourceRequest != null) {
    windowState = resourceRequest.getWindowState();
    portletMode = resourceRequest.getPortletMode();
    currentURLObj = PortletURLUtil.getCurrent(resourceRequest,

String currentURL = currentURLObj.toString();

ThemeDisplay themeDisplayObject = (ThemeDisplay) request
//long groupId = ParamUtil.getLong(request, "groupId", scopeGroupId);
long groupId = themeDisplayObject.getScopeGroupId();

String url = PortalUtil.getCurrentURL(request);
String[] urlString = url.split("/");
String urlTitle = urlString[urlString.length - 1];
urlTitle = HttpUtil.decodeURL(urlTitle).trim();

JournalArticle journal = JournalArticleLocalServiceUtil
        .getArticleByUrlTitle(groupId, urlTitle);

<portlet:actionURL var="discussionUrl">
    <!-- <portlet:param name="jspPage" value="/discussion.jsp" /> -->

<portlet:actionURL var="editGreetingURL">
    <portlet:param name="jspPage" value="/view.jsp" />

<liferay-ui:panel-container extended="<%= false %>"
    id="journalCommentsPanelContainer" persistState="<%= true %>">
    <liferay-ui:panel collapsible="<%= true %>" extended="<%= true %>"
        id="journalCommentsPanel" persistState="<%= true %>"
        title='<%= LanguageUtil.get(pageContext, "Comments") %>'>
        <portlet:actionURL name="invokeTaglibDiscussion" var="discussionURL" />
        className="<%= JournalArticle.class.getName() %>"
        classPK="<%= journal.getArticleId() %>" 
        subject="Wall Comments"
        userId="<%= journal.getUserId() %>" />

and this is my processAction method :

        PortletConfig portletConfig = getPortletConfig();
    //  System.out.println(">>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> inside invoke");
         PortalClassInvoker .invoke(true, "com.liferay.portlet.messageboards.action.EditDiscussionAction",       
                          "processAction", new String[] {
                          }, null, null, portletConfig, actionRequest, actionResponse);
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Your error shows this code at line-120 className="<%= journal.getClass() %>" but your discussion.jsp shows className="<%= JournalArticle.class.getName() %>" which is the corrected version I suppose.

I think the portlet is not deployed properly, try re-deploying the portlet or if that does not help try the usual:

  1. undeploy the portlet
  2. and then redeploy

if that does not work:

  1. undeploy
  2. stop server
  3. clear temp directory
  4. clear work directory
  5. start server
  6. deploy the portlet
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my one is working properly

my table, WallEntry. Where userid is the id of the user.

List<WallEntry> wallEntry= WallEntryLocalServiceUtil.findByUserId(userId);
for (int i=0;i<wallEntry.size();i++)
 WallEntry wallobj=wallEntry.get(i);
 long id=wallobj.getWallEntryId();

portlet action url

<portlet:actionURL name="discussionURL" var="discussionURL">
        <portlet:param name="myaction" value="addComments" />

liferay-ui:discussion tag

    redirect="<%= themeDisplay.getURLCurrent() %>"  
    classPK="<%= wallEntry.getWallEntryId() %>" 
    userId="<%= user.getUserId() %>" 
    className="<%= WallEntry.class.getName() %>"   
    formAction="<%= discussionURL %>" 
    formName='<%= "fm"+wallEntry.getWallEntryId() %>'  

action class

public void discussionURL(ActionRequest request,ActionResponse response) 
  throws Exception 
     System.out.println("Inside addDiscussion function: "+request.getParameter("myaction"));


may be it is helpful for someone.

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