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I have a domain, abc.com hosted by xyz hosting. I'm using a CNAME to point the subdomain, games.abc.com to my Azure website, website.azurewebsites.net. Everything at this point is working fine.

In the above scenario. how do I direct a subdomain to a specific folder of an Azure website? For example, stapler.abc.com should point to website.azurewebsites.net/someFolder.


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As far As I know this is not possible with a CNAME record as you can only point to a record.

However Azure does offer a $root container which you can use.

See the azure documentation about the root container

A downside to this is that you can't have any names with a '/' in the $root container meaning that if you did want to model a hierarchical approach you would have to make every folder in the root its own container (kind of a pain but do able).

Another downside is that azure doesn't provide a default blob for a container (as far as i know). Meaning you can't direct somebody to blob.azurewebsites.net/someFolder but to a particular file blob.azurewebsites.net/someFile

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