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I am wanting to query results from two "content" tables and one "users" table.

The two primary content files have identical field names, yet different fields - as one of the tables is for comments made by registered members and the other for comments by guests.

Consider the "widgetID" to be the primary IDentification of the widget for which I am trying to loop through the comments. Likewise the "active" is a 0 or 1 for whether it has been approved to be viewable.

table_widget: id datetime usersID message active

table_member_comments: id datetime widgetID usersID message active

table_guest_comments: id datetime widgetID usersName UsersEmail message active


id datetime usersID fullName active

So what I have been trying to figure out is how to query both tables together to end up with one result with which to loop and display both the members and public comments.

I am pretty sure I need to do a JOIN, and I have tried and failed to wrap my head around the correct procedure.

I need to do the initial SELECT ... with the JOIN in here that I am not getting... WHERE widgetID = ? AND u.active = '1' ORDER BY DateTime DESC LIMIT 0, 100

Its the darn part in the middle that is tweaking me up here. Would love to have somebody show me how to do this. Thanks.

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I believe what you want is a UNION, not JOIN... –  Zane Bien Mar 31 '13 at 17:59
Yeah, that was clearly where I was getting all messed up. Thanks. I will accept the one from Steve has he answered it first. I will upvote both answers and they are both correct. Thank you guys. –  Abela Mar 31 '13 at 21:45

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A join isn't the best option here, you need to use UNION which will combine data not join it together.

For example:

SELECT mydata.message FROM
SELECT datetime, message FROM table_member_comments WHERE widgetID = 100 AND active = 1
SELECT datetime, message FROM table_guest_comments WHERE widgetID = 100 active = 1
) mydata
ORDER BY mydata.datetime ASC
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Use UNION to tack on the results from another query onto the same result set:

SELECT   a.*
FROM     (
         SELECT c.message, c.datetime, u.fullName
         FROM   table_member_comments c
         JOIN   table_users u ON c.usersID = u.usersID
         WHERE  c.widgetID = ? AND c.active = 1

         UNION ALL

         SELECT message, datetime, usersName
         FROM   table_guest_comments
         WHERE  widgetID = ? AND active = 1
         ) a
ORDER BY a.datetime DESC 
LIMIT    0,100
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