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I am learning scala, and want to write my tests with ===. However, I am curious if there is a way to do something like this:

assert(1 !=== 2)

I have tried the above, !==, and !(===)

Is there any way to get the descriptiveness of === and use negation?

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ScalaTest doesn't have a !== method (it's actually in the source code and is commented out). You could implement your own analogue, like:

// Somewhere in the codebase
class ExtendedEqualizer(left: Any) {
  def !==(right: Any) = {
    if (left != right) None
    else Some("%s equaled to %s".format(left, right))

object TestUtil {
  implicit def convertToExtendedEqualizer(left: Any) = new ExtendedEqualizer(left)

// In your test class
import TestUtil.convertToExtendedEqualizer

Then it becomes as simple to use as ===:

assert(3 !== 2+2)

Note that this is a simplified version of === that doesn't do deep array comparisons and doesn't generate a nice diff like ScalaTest does.

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Thanks a lot for the workaround! – Justin Pihony Mar 31 '13 at 19:20

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