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I am running the Jfugue test program, here is the code:

package ge;

import org.jfugue.*;

public class GE {
     * @param args the command line arguments
    public static void main(String[] args) {
       Player player = new Player();
       Pattern pattern = new Pattern("C D E F G A B I[MARIMBA]");
       System.exit(0); // If using Java 1.4 or lower

The code does work so far, that is, it compiles and the notes are played. However, I can change the instrument around however much I wish, I always get piano music.

How can I change this?

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You should set the instrument at the beginning of the sequence, not at the end of it. Sequence "I[MARIMBA] C D E F G A B" is played as a marimba instrument for me.

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The author of JFugue is chiming in to say that @Archeg's answer should be accepted as the correct answer! –  David Koelle Mar 22 at 2:10

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